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Anna Cardwell reveals she still has issues with Mama June

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The band played all their biggest hits, they had enough to play only their well known songs, which had the whole crowd screaming along. Jennifer drops a wedding bomb. Alana makes her Dancing with the Stars debut and develops a crush on her dance partner.

Watch as she dishes on her best advice for new moms, what she's teaching Baby Ella, how to be good at and more! It was funny to see how most of the crowd wasn't into the remake. Sugar Bear gets caught flirting with other plus size women.

June and Alana face their pageant rivals. Mama June sheds major pounds with the help of her new trainer, Kenya. June is shocked when she steps on the scale!

In light of the recent events with the Shannon Family, Pumpkin speaks out about the highs and the lows the family is going through. Pumpkin and Josh try home therapy to solve their problems. Disaster strikes when June drives blind on a blind date!

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Mama June -- Dating Man Who Molested Her Relative

June is shocked when she finds out how much she weighs. Is this the most inventive solution to a red wine spill ever? This group is the best in this genre! Use wi-fi in a coffee shop?

June and Alana go head to head with their new, hardcore pageant coach who gives them mean nicknames. Before Alana goes off to Hollywood, she has a barbeque with her closest family and friends! Their concert hall was absolutely packed out with devoted fans, some of whom were so emotional and excited to see their heroes that they were close to tears.

Anna said that June apologized for dating McDaniel but she warned her mother that their relationship wold be derailed if he came around again. Meanwhile, Mama struggles to squeeze into her pageant dress and Jennifer shows up looking for revenge. Alana runs away to Sugar Bear's house. Meanwhile, Alana is bitten by the Hollywood bug and Pumpkin, Josh and the cutest baby in the state of Georgia, Ella, best dating sites canada free are growing up and looking for a home of their own!

In light of the recent events with the Shannon Family, Pumpkin speaks out with a heartfelt message to fans. Alana's disappointment over the pageant cancellation turns to excitement when Josh wants to propose to Pumpkin! Alana has arrived in Hollywood, and has met her new dance partner, Tristan! Alana's return to showbiz is not what she expects. Pumpkin and Doe Doe explain why June has been ignoring her physical breakdown.

The mother-of-four is reportedly trying to mend her relationship with Mike Thompson aka Sugar Bear after they split earlier this year. Alana misses Hollywood and Tristan but may be locking lips with a new boy at the State Fair. The family takes drastic measures to save her life but it might be too late.

You will no longer have access to your profile. The band is one of the most successful Spanish speaking rock bands of all time, and certainly of modern times. Things take a turn for the worse when June and Geno are arrested in an Alabama gas station. Jennifer undergoes copycat surgery.

Mana is a hugely successful and popular Mexican rock band that have won countless awards including four of the heavily coveted Grammy awards and an incredible seven Latin Grammy awards. Everyone is smiling, singing, and having a good time when Mana comes in concert. If you want to listen to hours of great music and have an incredible night, go see a Mana concert.

  1. Sugar Bear fights to see Alana while Jennifer devises a plan to get revenge on June for ambushing her wedding.
  2. Their track record itself is a demonstration of their success.
  3. June goes on a date with the biggest jerk ever!
  4. June ambushes Geno with a big surprise!
  5. Meanwhile, Alana busts Geno for his response to Mama's proposal!

June and ex Sugar Bear face off at mediation! They clap along during each band member's personal instrumental solo as they showcase their talents as musicians. Mama catches wedding fever and struggles with her weight gain. Panic strikes when the curtains open! Did west London gangsters hack the Met's Twitter?

Geno reveals his true feelings for June. When Geno taunts Mama, Pumpkin takes charge. Since June's arrest, her communication and contact with the family has been limited.

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  • Rivals June and Jennifer slug it out at fit farm and then find out they will be rooming together!
  • Josh and Pumpkin are still living at June's house, rent free, with a baby!
  • Pumpkin secretly moves Josh into the house without Mama's permission.
  • June's eye surgery fails and panic strikes!

Alana becomes Pumpkin and Josh's unpopular roommate when she sabotages Josh's first day of work. Can Josh deliver on this task? June's life is falling apart and the family steps in to stage an intervention.

Jennifer is down pounds and looks better than ever! If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your junk or spam folder. When her junk food stash is exposed, June has a meltdown and is pushed over the edge. Pumpkin and Josh get married!

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Anna Cardwell reveals she still has issues with Mama June

June is rushed to the hospital to save her eye sight! Alana calls on an old toddler pageant friend. Mama June and rival, ukrainian Jennifer are going pound-for-pound in an outrageous weight loss competition! Alana is blindsided when Mama hires a new coach.


Alana and Pumpkin vow to save her, even if it means they must diet too! But, June isn't going down without a fight. Will Geno ever commit or will June never get a ring on her finger?

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Mama faces pregnancy trouble as Geno's hunted down by the police and arrested! Mean Girls ambush June and Alana's pageant dress shopping! Mama June and Sugar Bear have since taken steps towards a reconciliation. Rivals June and Jennifer slug it out at fit farm, and then find they will be rooming together!

June faces a health emergency. June and Jennifer leave fat farm determined to beat each other in the weight loss contest. Just when you think it can't get any better, Alex Gonzalez smashes out an epic drum solo and the night is made. June is blindsided by surprise guests. June has taken on a new level of stress while dealing with Geno's strange behavior and the pressure of the magazine competition against Jennifer.

Sugar Bear and Jennifer hire a lawyer. Pumpkin breaks down the moments leading up to the incident in Alabama. Please enter the email address associated with your account, and we'll send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

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